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It is good to know that 40% of Nigerian youth, Abuse drugs. That is why we are doing our best to Sensitize the students on issues of sexual and drug abuse, taking them through the physiological and psychological effects of sexual and drug Abuse, the causes of drug Abuse, and how to avoid being a victim.

As a young youth who is at the very sensitive stage of puberty, where there is always a conflict between what the parents say and peer group influence, this is why we as an organization are doing all our best to take the students through absolute teaching on drug and sexual, how they can come out of it if they are already a victim, and steps to take in order not to be ignorantly lured. As research shows that 55% of teenagers who take drugs are ignorantly lured.

During the program, we also educate them on why they need to avoid psychoactive substances, considering the psychological and physiological implications of drug Abuse on the body. What to do to avoid being sexually abused. As we take them through measures in which they can be lured.

We also make the discussion interactive by attending to the student’s questions and giving room for contributions from their various experiences.

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