Fredak Initiative

Who We Are

We are group of professional such as Medical experts, Counselors, psychologist, journalist, academicians, among others, coming together to mitigate drug abuse.

To mitigate drug and sexual abuse among teenagers in the society.

 The major purpose of doing this, is to ensure that the teenagers are fully aware of danger in taking psycho active substances and reasons why they should speak out whenever they are being sexually molested.

 Aside this, our team ensure that we bring up activities that can aid in creating awareness on how best the teenagers can abstain from being a victim of drug and sexual abuse. As an organization we don’t just create awareness but help the vulnerable among them to further their education in tertiary institution. For those who also want to be an apprentice, we help them achieve their aim because an idle hand is devil’s workshop.

Since inception of this organization in 2019, we have sensitize over 20, 000( twenty thousand students) we have linked over 300 addicts to professional,  we work in collaboration with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency ( NDLEA) to ensure that those who are addicted are reorientated. Many teenagers are now free of this menace, as for the Innocents they now realized reasons why they shouldn’t get involved in Drug Abuse.

FREDAK INITIATIVE as an organization has taken it up as task to move to rural communities to ensure that out of school teenagers are also aware of reasons why they should not get involved in Drug or Sexual Abuse. Early this year 2023, one of our teenager  got admitted into Federal University, Oye Ekiti. Even when she lost all hope of going further after secondary education.



    Mitigating Sexual and Drug Abuse among teenagers.


    Moving from school to school to sensitizes students on what the implications of drug abuse and sexual abuse is to humanity.

    Discovering students who have been sexually abused or those who are drug addicts

    Channelling them to medical personnel, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, guidance counselor and others who can be of help to the victim.

    Ensuring they are totally free from depression

    Free seminar for parents and teachers on sexual and drug abuse.

    Creation of drug free club.

    Goals and Objectives

    Reducing crimes and criminalities in our society

    Developing a positive mind in our teenagers that help to establish a positive society

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