Fredak Initiative

Our History

Our History

Fredak Initiative is an independent nongovernmental and non-profit organization in Nigeria. Its focuses on mitigating sexual and drug among teenagers in society most especially secondary school students,
It is the gathering of professionals coming together to address the issue of sexual and drug abuse that is becoming alarming in our society by using medical and psychological processes

This initiative was created in honor of a man called Fredrick Ayodele Akingbesote, with the nickname (KOMAASHINE, meaning ‘Let it continue to shine.’), who was a free advocate of sexual and drug abuse in his local community around the Ondo East and West community area of Ondo state (South-West Nigeria)?
He died at the point where he wanted to structurize his advocacy into a proper social group.

That is why his daughter Akingbesote Modupe Elizabeth, who is now the CEO of Fredak Initiative, decided to take up the responsibility from where her father dropped it.

At first, Modupe started the initiative with the name KOMAASHINE INITIATIVE, (using the nickname of her father), but the name later changed during the process of registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission, to the real name of this man, which is Fredrick Ayodele Akingbesote initiative.
We pray that the soul of this man rests in peace and for strength that will enable Modupe Elizabeth to continue to expand this advocacy work.


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