Fredak Initiative

Meet the Founder

meet the founder

Akingbesote Modupe Elizabeth is the CEO FREDAK INITIATIVE, a journalist by profession, author and a prolific writer. Over the years, she developed passion for teenagers due to the happenings around her.  As an experienced journalist, who have worked in the National Assembly Abuja, information about publication department precisely, sometimes while going to the office she see some teenagers who stand by the road side to beg for money some of these children are pregnant while standing by the road side.

As an experienced journalist, she realized that books must be written to create awareness on why drug and sexual abuse must be mitigated among teenager.

Following her father’s foot steps she decided to turn her passion for teenagers into a full blown organization by bringing together professionals that can help in mitigating this menace among teenagers.

Today, there has been a huge success ever since the project commence few years ago. Thousands of teenagers have benefitted from the free books given to them, to guide them against being a victim of drug and sexual abuse. As a public speaker, Modupe has been invited to different occasions to speak on the reasons why drug and sexual abuse must be mitigated among teenagers

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